• Kelly M. Hudson

Ghostbust--er, Killers!

A group of friends have a YouTube channel where they hunt ghosts and film the results. They call themselves the “Ghoulbusters” and try to expose the supernatural as being real, but fail time and time again, faking the hauntings to try and drive up their “ratings.” Everyone thinks they are idiots and to be honest, they kind of are. But they get a big break because something strange is happening in a local high school and the Ghoulbusters are called on to get to the bottom of it. The kids there think the spirit of Bloody Mary has been summoned and is now preying on the children. The principle thinks it’s all nothing but kids having seizures or accidents happening. He wants the Ghoulbusters to “cleanse” the school and declare it free of haunting spirits so he can go on with academic matters. Nobody believes a real ghost has been summoned, but it has, and it really is Bloody Mary, and she’s trapped our heroes, as well as a small group of teachers, in the school for the night. Can the Ghoulbusters become the Ghost Killers, or will Blood Mary pick them all off, one by one?

This is most definitely a horror comedy and as one, it’s pretty good. I wouldn’t say it sets a record for laughs, but it does entertain, and there are some genuinely funny moments throughout. What this film most certainly succeeds in doing is being perhaps the bloodiest ghost film I’ve ever seen. Gallons are spilled, and this entire film is drenched in gore and yucky bits, which is kind of awesome. There is a glee in the way the filmmakers revel in the wet, gunky stuff that certainly won me over. Once the ball gets rolling, not a single character doesn’t end up caked in blood and gore and stay that way through the rest of the film. On that level alone, this film succeeds mightily. The laughs are good, if not great, and can be a little too full of themselves sometimes. The characters try to be endearing but often come across as aggravating. But still, they entertain, and by the end, I was rooting for them to win, despite a couple of them being such utter dipshits that their suffering was a delight to see. This sets up a whole world of possible sequels, and I will be right there to watch them, if they are all as fun as this one was.

In short, Ghost Killers vs. Blood Mary is an exciting romp through a very bloody world of curses and hauntings. The action is fast, the blood is pumped by the gallon, and the suspense and set-pieces are pretty good. The comedic bits are touch and go with me, but that’s for each person to decide on their own. Some of the gags made me laugh out loud, others made me…well, gag. The film is too long by about ten minutes or so, but the proceedings are never dull, so there’s that. Check it out if you’re a fan of horror comedies, or if you just want to see a lot, and I do mean a lot, of blood get splashed around.


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