• Kelly M. Hudson

Slasherman is Coming to Get Ya!

Todd (Jesse Williams) is a somewhat successful comic book writer/artist who is trying to bring his acclaimed and independent horror series, Slasherman, to an end. He is tortured with the desire to get things right, to finish on a high note, to show the critics the series wasn’t just an empty, gory exercise. His comic was based on the real-life stories of an uncaught serial killer who worked his way down a highway corridor in middle-America. Todd and his girlfriend Kathy (Jordana Brewster) are taking a trip along the footsteps of the real killer because Kathy wants to investigate and document the actual murders while Todd will be making appearances at comic book stores for signings. Todd is using this as a way to get some inspiration and clear his head of torturous images that have lingered since he started the project. They are joined by Todd’s manager and assistant, and it isn’t long after they reach the infamous corridor when a series of killings start occurring, murders that reflect several of the scenes from past Slasherman comics. Has the killer returned? And if so, is he stalking Todd and his friends? Soon, Todd and his group find themselves in trouble, big trouble, with danger lurking around every corner, his trip turning into a bloody nightmare.

Director Jay Baruchel brings the comic book this movie is based on into vivid, neon-drenched, blood-soaked life. There are moments when illustrated comic book pages interact with surreal, real-life drama, and the look and feel of the film is extraordinary. He really strikes a nice balance between reality and unreality and what happens when the two collide. The story itself is compelling; here is an artist seeing his imaginary murders coming to vivid life right before his eyes. Is he somehow responsible for this, and for the lives lost? The violence itself is rather stunning and vicious at times, but the camera doesn’t linger too long on these scenes. Once the brutality is displayed and the point is made, Baruschel doesn’t dwell, and instead moves the story forward. But the gore is good and effective and should please any fan of the wet stuff. As for the story itself, it takes a pleasant twist at the end, one that brings disparate and seemingly meaningless plot pieces together and wraps them up in a perfect bow. All in all, this was a really good flick.

Random Acts of Violence isn’t the kind of movie that I would watch repeatedly. Once was enough, maybe again with some friends. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad film, it’s just a little too greasy to enjoy more than a couple of times. It has a whole Joy Ride vibe and feel to it, minus the humor and double the nihilism. An intelligent and thrilling horror film, this one will get under your skin. It isn’t easy to digest at times, but in the end, it all comes together and when the closing twist, the final blow is delivered, you’ll find yourself waiting for it, just another bloody victim tied to a chair, expecting death.


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