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Sometimes They Don't Know When to Stop!

All hell has broken loose at a remote Arctic base and Military Police officer Captain Sam Cage (Clayton Rohner) is sent in with his partner to ascertain what is happening and to effect an evacuation if needed. Only problem is, there’s a bad storm, so they’re stuck for the time being. Sam finds out that the commanding officer has gone crazy and has been killing the crew and only two survive. The commanding officer is someone Sam has had dealings with in the past but doesn’t want to elaborate on. Soon, his partner is killed and it’s just three people left to hunt down this killer. They search his room and find Satanic artifacts and a map that shows a connection between this place and the towns of the first two films. It makes no sense to Sam so he leaves it alone. They just need to get their killer and call for a rescue team to come once the storm abates. Problem is, the dead soldiers rise up and attack the living. No, they’re not zombies in the “eat your flesh” sense, but instead Satanic servants. As Sam draws closer to catching his man, more and more of his sordid history is revealed, and by the time the final confrontation comes, it’s unclear whether Sam was ever really a good guy or not. But only he stands in the way of a ceremony to summon Satan to return and take over the Earth!

Oh yeah, in for a third go-round, this movie has almost nothing to do with the first two. It really feels like this was a whole other script entirely but then the producers got hold of it and was like, “if we pigeonhole this here and that there, we can link the movies and call it Part Three or something and have instant name-recognition and sales!” I suppose it worked just fine, because the movie got made. Now, what kind of movie is it? Well, mostly it’s pretty dull. They hide the low-budget by having decent sets but there’s a whole lot of close-ups of the actors so I wonder just how much more they were hiding. The story itself is passable, I suppose, but it gets utterly silly at the end, with characters who haven’t know each other for more than half a day claiming undying love for one another. I’m not even going to get into the demonic back-and-forth bantering and the fact that for a bad guy so awesome and unstoppable, he goes down pretty easy. Also, is it really that threatening to flash upside pentagram tattoos on the palms of your hands as some kind of sign of badassery? It didn’t scare me in the least and in fact, there’s nothing much scary about this movie.

So here we are, the third and final word on this series that really never should have been a series in the first place. Talk about stretching a limited concept past its breaking point. Sometimes They Come Back…For More is not a terrible movie, it’s just kind of slow and dumb and there’s no really exciting kills to latch onto. And then it gets soap-opera silly at the end, grafting some of the feel-good vibes at the end of the first film onto this one and it totally doesn’t work and isn’t earned. Throw it against the wall and see what sticks, I guess. It’s up to you if you want to watch this but I say it’s not really worth the effort.


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