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PART ONE: 30-21

30. UltharProvidence

They bring their unique, blackened death sound back to the masses, the cosmic horror really dripping with violence and oppressive atmosphere. This one is brutal, unrelenting, and smothering.

29. Funeral LeechDeath Meditation

Making their full-length debut, these guys from NYC ladle their Death Doom heavy and syrupy, with plenty of evil vibes. This one is a slow-grind punch to the face, and if you find yourself spitting out teeth in slow-motion, don’t be surprised.

28. AtramentusStygian

Speaking of slow and grinding, you can’t get more epic and damning than this release. Sloooow, and grand, full of Elder God energies that will melt your soul like candle wax. This one is akin to getting trapped under an avalanche that plummets with achingly slow speed. Did I mention it was slow?

27. Acid MammothUnder Acid Hoof

Massive riffs that hammer you down into the ground. Sure, there’s plenty of Stoner moments here, but the Doom is what carries the weight, and again, you’re probably not going to find more enormous riffs than these.

26. Primitive ManImmersion

They don’t come more suffocating or violent than this band. I don’t know what it is about them, but the amount of animosity they emit cannot be quantified. Brutal, man, just brutal. You don’t leave this party without some bruises, let me tell you.

25. SolicitorSpectral Devastation

Ass-ripping Speed Metal. Do I really need to say anymore? I do? Well, dig this, they blast fast and hard and ride a steel horse of vengeance through the night with hellion screams to light the way. Get on this or get left behind.

24. Kirk WindsteinDream in Motion

If you were expecting Crowbar you might have gotten a little confounded at this release. Oh, yes, it’s heavy, but there’s a contemplative feel to the songs that we don’t normally get with Crowbar’s crushing metal. Again, that doesn’t mean it’s not heavy, just a little bit different, and it’s damned good.

23. Armored SaintPunching the Sky

Another Old School act makes an appearance here. Listen, this is Armored Saint, and you’re either down with ripping riffs and spectacular songwriting, or you’re not. Maybe a bit too commercial for some tastes but for me, it’s like fine wine. And John Bush is one of the greatest metal singers of all time, proving it over and over again here. Metal, pure and simple.

22. Crust…and a Dirge Becomes an Anthem

The name of the band and the title kind of says it all, doesn’t it? These goddamned Russians bring some swinging hammers to the fight, rumbling with Black Metal and full of, uh, dirge-like crust. This is a steamroller, flattening your soul with no mercy.

21. WitchskullDriftwood Cross

Pretty much just straight up Doom, Sabbath heft and stomp, mixed with some stonier moments and thick with grunge. This one doesn’t try to hide what it is or what it does, which is rock your punk ass right off; no flash, no gimmicks.

The Wizard Has Spoken!

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