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10. EnslavedUtgard

The old guard return with another kick-ass album. You can read The Wizard’s proper review here. It is safe to say that these Norwegians came roaring back with a powerful and classic album.

09. UprisingII

A one-man Black Metal onslaught of Revolution and nihilistic transformation, this album truly crushes even as it cruises. Rugged and bruising, it does not relent and yet is catchy as hell, with lots of hooks to hang your hat on, and plenty of sing-along moments to keep you engaged. You might not like the politics or the revolutionary sentiments, but you won’t be able to keep yourself from raging along. This second album showcases a sound and style that isn’t anything new under the sun, but by the Gods it rocks.

08. Dead LordSurrender

Far from political, the newest platter by these Swedish rockers brings to the table their retro-rock stylings, much like past albums. Yeah, the riffs are superb and the melodic twinnings are as infectious as ever, but this time things feel more personal. The lyrics speak to desperation and hope and really, it’s a perfect summation of the turmoil that was 2020. Was this intentional and influenced by the global pandemic, or was this just a natural outgrowth? Who knows and who cares? They’ve crafted the best album of their career, and that’s saying something.

07. Paradise LostObsidian

Another older band releasing a top-notch album this year. There must have been something in the water of the world because these older guys were just killing it. The band made a record that was something of a summary of their career, songs reflecting all the styles and inflections they’ve adopted over the many years, sometimes within single, individual tunes. You get the Death, of course, and the Doom, and the Goth, and it all flows together really quite well. Headbanging and heartbreaking and damned inspiring. This makes three stellar albums in a row showcasing a renewed vigor. More, please!

06. SkeletonSkeleton

What a pleasant surprise this one was. After releasing a bunch of EP’s and some singles, this Austin, Texas trio belched out one of the crustiest, belligerent and unforgiving albums of the year. Blazing Blackened Punk rock with lots of Thrash to even it all out, you really can’t ask for much more than this if you like all things heavy. With only one song over four minutes long, this entire album is a flurry of punches to the face. It’s ugly, irredeemable, and supremely confident in its darkest corners. Chugging, riffing, blackened genius.

The Wizard Has Spoken!

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